School Council Update Term 3 Week 6 2017

We have a fantastic stall planned for Father’s Day on Wednesday 30th August. Gifts for dads at $6 and $12 and granddads for $6. Cards for $1. Our children always have so much fun choosing their own gifts for the special men in their lives. Thanks to all those who have volunteered to help in the stall!

Another working bee is planned for the playground on the 9th September. Thank you for those who came on Saturday and if anyone is free to come along on the 9th please return the note soon. Thank you to those who have volunteered already and we look forward to seeing you on the day!

Coming up - School disco on Friday 13th October ( hint hint) Week 1 Term 4! We will need volunteers to help with this before the end of term 3. This event is looking to be loads of fun!

Next meeting is Monday 28th august.

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