A robust week ahead!

Dear Parents, Friends and Families,

Welcome to Week 4, isn’t time going fast? We have already entered the season of Lent - a time of reflection and sacrifice. This last week we celebrated Ash Wednesday and we spoke about the importance of this Lenten season. Jesus made the biggest sacrifice he could for us to show us his profound love - he died for US! Lent is therefore traditionally, a time when we too then sacrifice something. This year I am challenging our children and each of us, not necessarily to sacrifice something, but to be of ‘service’ - how can we serve others to share the boundless love Jesus gives to us unconditionally? What can we do for others to make their lives a little brighter? How can we share our sunshine to make OLN the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’?

The next few weeks are quite robust for our community, so please stay connected by reading the Newsletter, subscribing to the school calendar through the school website: www.olnlawson.catholic.edu.au and scanning Facebook. Activities are set early and added to the calendar, but please understand that at times changes are required and we will use Facebook, the calendar and website to notify you of these alterations.

Please mark Week 6 (4th - 9th March), in your calendars, as this is Catholic Schools Week and we have plenty of events planned that you and your children can get involved in. CSW begins with our launch event which is on Sunday the 4th of March at 8:30am, when our ES1 & Stage 1 students will lead the Parish Mass, followed by a free BBQ. We would love to pack the Church and celebrate the start of a fantastic week in which we get to share the value of Catholic Education in our Diocese and the wonderful work we do here at OLN, with the wider community.

‘Meet and Greet’ meetings are happening this week, to give you an opportunity to sit with your child/s teacher to share with them your child/s strengths, interests and challenges. We are a team and value our partnership with you, as we know neither of us can do it alone. If you haven’t made a time yet please login to www.schoolinterviews.com.au and use the school code: 5ec7m We look forward to seeing you over the week.

Here’s to another fabulous year at OLN working with a passionate team of committed colleagues keen to cater for all their students; extraordinary students enthusiastic to learn and take care of each other; and of course a supportive parent community, committed to ensuring the best for their children.

With sunshine,

Lisa Samojlowicz