Term 2 Week 4


Dear Parents, Friends and Families,


What a fabulous week we had last week, it was certainly jammed packed! We concluded the week with Stage 3 attending CYP Lifted Live Junior with Steve Angrisano!

It was a 90 minute concert out at Emmaus Catholic College, Kemps Creek. International Catholic musician and storyteller Steve Angrisano, kept our students, teachers and parents engaged whole heartedly for the entire 90 minutes. He had such a beautiful away of sending the message to our young students, and in fact anyone lucky enough to be there, that they are enough! That there is a space in our hearts just for God and when we decide to let Him in, we will fully understand that we are enough! He also sent our students away knowing that not only are they enough, but they are indeed capable of making a difference and that it is in the small things where they can make the difference. A kind smile, a helpful hand, a listening ear, being a good friend…. We all walked out of that hall inspired and energised, knowing that we are loved as we are and ready and meant to go out into the world to make a difference. Thanks to Mrs Maund for organising our attendance, Mrs Brown, Mr Hortense, Mr Himmelreich, Mrs McKinnon & Mrs Canning for ensuring that our Stage 3 students made it to such a beautiful and inspiring experience.  

Thank you to our Stage 2 & 3 teachers who guided our Year 3 & 5 students through NAPLAN last week. And congratulations to our Year 3 & 5 students, who approached these moments with confidence and understanding, that these tests are simply a snippet of one moment in time. It is vital, that we all understand, that our students work hard all year round and that their achievements are certainly not limited to one set of tests!

We welcomed another new member to our OLN family last week: Kishwah into Stage 3. We pray that Kishwah and her family quickly discover the blessings of this beautiful community!

Thank you all again for everything you give to our community every day!

With sunshine,

Lisa Samojlowicz



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