Term 2 Week 8

Dear Parents, Friends and Families,


My message this week is simple - Be Positive, Look for God in others, Share your sunshine!

My pray for this world and everyone in it, is that people see the Face of God in everyone they meet and they come to truly feel and understand the power of God’s love through their interactions. We have all felt the warmth, when we are greeted with a smile, a hug or a simple question - How are you? The knowledge that someone cares, can change the direction of your day! Sadly, sometimes that sunshine and warmth is not easy to see or find in the people around us! With this thought, comes great responsibility, but also an awesome opportunity to be a true disciple of Jesus! How can we find little ways to bring the sunshine to these beautiful people and show them they are gifts from God that deserve nothing but LOVE to be showered upon them. Funnily enough, sometimes these people find interesting and challenging ways to express their desire for our love. This challenge can often be frustrating, but my constant pray is that we remember, this is a part of our mission that requires great strength to look beyond the defences and actions to see the Love of God! Let’s not let this challenge become the problem we get ‘stuck in’, but let’s be positive and work together to be a part of the ‘solution’ and share God’s love

Mother Teresa.jpeg

Let us always remember the ‘light’ we are and can be to others and appreciate the ‘light’ others are to us.

Thank you all again for everything you give to our community every day!

With sunshine,

Lisa Samojlowicz