Term 3 Week 6

Dear Parents, Friends and Families,


What a few couple of weeks we have had and I have to say, I have been very humbled by the sunshine that has been shared with me around my permanent appointment. I pray that with your support, we will continue to discover ways to share our sunshine within and outside this beautiful community of OLN! I am excited to discover with you, just how much we can grow our awesome children and community!

Now down to business, there are a few important items for your information and consideration:

  • We congratulate our Year 6 Voice of Youth Finalists: Edward James, Clodagh McDermott, Alison & Julie Coco. They represented themselves and our school so wonderfully last Thursday and we could not be any prouder of them. Special congratulations to Alison, for receiving the Social Justice Award on the day. These young adults spoke so passionately about their chosen topics and with such maturity, that you could feel nothing but inspiring hope for our future, with such bright shining lights leading the way!

  • This week, as early as tomorrow (Tuesday), work will begin on painting our entire school, both inside and out. Colours have been chosen and the painters can not wait to get in and begin. We are working closely with the painters to manage interruptions to regular classes as best we can, but I am sure you will appreciate the enormity of this task and I am asking for your understanding and support around the possibility of some minor inconveniences.

  • You should have all received a note today about student ‘Drop Off & Pick Up’, please read this carefully and help us not only to maintain our grounds, but to most importantly ensure the safety of our children. Somers Street is the official and only student ‘Drop Off & Pick Up’ and we are asking you to not use the Church driveway for this reason. We appreciate your support.

  • Thanks to all members of the community that came to help with our Playground Working Bee on Saturday, led by Willie and Chris. We are very fortunate to have such talented and enthusiastic people in our community. Keep up the hard work everyone, the transformation of this area is beginning to take she and is looking absolutely fabulous.

  • Our Year 3 and Year 5 students received their NAPLAN test results last week. While these tests give us a snapshot of student achievement, please also remember they are an isolated test on one day and teachers maintain a more detailed and comprehensive picture of your child’s achievements. If you have any concerns or questions around your child’s results please arrange a time to speak with your child’s teacher. Tomorrow these same children will be completing the NAPLAN Online School Readiness Test. NAPLAN is moving online and this transition from paper to computer will commence in 2018. Therefore the children will be completing a sample of what 2018 NAPLAN Online will look like, for the sole purpose of testing school capacity and capability in running this system successfully. Students, parents nor schools will be receiving any kind of student results for these tests. If you have any questions or queries please contact the office.

  • I must now share this little cloud with you. One of the frustrating situations we deal with, is the Buses and if you were on the playground last Thursday afternoon, you would have heard me having a stern talk with the children who catch the bus. The children have heard on many occasions the importance of sitting at all times and keeping the noise to a minimum when on the bus, in order for the Bus driver to be able to concentrate on driving safely without being distracted. Unfortunately some of our students are experiencing difficulty in abiding by these rules at all times and we have had some very close calls with students getting injured. I have spoken with the bus company and asked them to, as outlined in their policy, take student bus passes off those who are repeatedly NOT following the rules. So I ask you to please speak regularly with your children if they catch the bus, around the importance of not only keeping themselves safe on the bus but also ensuring the safety of others.

  • To finish with a rainbow, I would like to let you know that from Week 7 until the end of Term 3, Mrs Lauren Maund will be Acting Assistant Principal as Mr Peter Baddock takes some well earned Long Service Leave! Further information will be shared with classes directly affected later in the week. I am sure you will join me in congratulating Lauren and wishing Peter a fabulous LSL.

Let us always remember the ‘light’ we are and can be to others and appreciate the ‘light’ others are to us.

Thank you all again for everything you give to our community every day!

With sunshine,

Lisa Samojlowicz