The Power of Community!

Dear Parents, Friends and Families,

Well this term has certainly started with a bang and continues to gain traction as we prepare for some fabulous events that will mark the end of the year and for some families an end of an era. Our end of year celebrations are not just a celebration of the students journey, but of the entire team’s journey - students, parents, teachers and community!

As our year gains momentum, I am taken back to my time spent at the Principal’s Masterclass last week! The sense of community and trust within that collection of educators was quite overwhelming! It was both inspiring and reassuring to fully comprehend, that all of us, within our Catholic system of schools, are all working towards the same goal and supporting each other to achieve that goal: To be Catholic schools that are forces of good with Christ at the center, where our children are treasured. We are all committed to creating a faith filled environment in which we kindle the flame in a constant pursuit of growth for each and every child. We yearn for our children to be curious, confident, self motivated and excited learners who meet the challenges of being creative contributors and innovative problem solvers. It was Joseph Stalin who said:

“Education is a weapon whose effect depends on who holds it is his hands

and at whom it is aimed.”

It is together that we can achieve this call to action, and I sleep well at night knowing that this ‘little’ community may be ‘little’ in size, but certainly is monumental in effecting the lives of our children each and every day due to our commitment to working together: students, parents, teachers and community.

Let us always remember the ‘light’ we are and can be to others and appreciate the ‘light’ others are to us.

Thank you all again for everything you give to our community every day!

With sunshine,

Lisa Samojlowicz