Zoo Snooze a great success!!!

Dear Parents, Friends and Families,

Well here we are at the beginning of Week 6, with only 5 weeks left of this term. I need to begin by sincerely thanking Mrs Brown, Mr Hortense and Mr Baddock for their dedication to the Stage 3 students at OLN. Zoo Snooze was a spectacular success and a major reason for that success, was the beautiful teachers that sacrificed family time to accompany our fantastic students to the zoo. Mrs Brown did an absolutely stunning job in organising the camp in every way and due to this, we were able to walk around the zoo enjoying the sights, sounds and getting to know our students in a different light. AMAZING! This is one of the many reasons I love my job so much - working with amazing people who are energised and enthused by working and relating to those students we care for on a deeper level than just Maths and English, but for ensuring the growth and development of the whole child! We will upload some of the Zoo Snooze photos to the website as soon as we can!



Just a reminder to jump on the website and link to the School Calendar so that you can be aware of upcoming events at OLN. This calendar is kept up to date with all the latest changes and additions, so if you want to know what’s going on this is the best place to visit!

Don’t forget the free E Safety workshop at Blaxland High on Monday the 27th of November, RSVPs are due this Friday!

Let us always remember the ‘light’ we are and can be to others and appreciate the ‘light’ others are to us.

Thank you all again for everything you give to our community every day!

With sunshine,

Lisa Samojlowicz