Welcome to Term 4!

Dear Parents, Friends and Families,

Well what a fantastic start we have had to this term already! A spooky disco, a Stage 3 PBL launch, a Diocesan Mission Mass and all our kids so enthusiastic and engaged in their learning.

Last Friday, Mrs Maund and myself took our Year 6 Mission Team to our annual Diocesan Mission Mass, attended by schools from our Parramatta Diocese, celebrated by Fr Chris de Souza. At the Mass, Fr Chris spoke in his homily, of how each of us as Catholics, wear the ‘uniform of love’ - Jesus’ love and how it is therefore our mission and responsibility to show and share that love, not just with each other but more importantly with those on the edge, the outskirts, the ones who are different or alone for whatever reason - the marginalised! Then Roza Vukovich from Catholic Mission, reminded us that ‘it’s not just about us’, but up to us to fulfill the mission Jesus gave us, to ‘fill the gaps with love’ and be ‘Ambassadors of Hope’. As always, as the community of OLN, we continue to strive to ‘fill the gaps with love’!


Thank you to all the members of our Parent community who have taken the time to offer us feedback on our Semester 2 Student Reports. This week as a staff, we will take a deeper look at how we are and should be reporting our student’s growth and areas of need, to parents and we will be using this feedback to help guide our thinking and actions forward. If you would still like to offer your feedback please click on the link and submit your feedback before Wednesday 17th.

“Assessment is the broad name for the collection and evaluation of evidence of a student's learning. It is integral to teaching and learning and has multiple purposes. Assessment can enhance student engagement and motivation, particularly when it incorporates interaction with teachers, other students and a range of resources.

  • Assessment provides opportunities for teachers to gather evidence about student achievement in relation to syllabus outcomes

  • Assessment enables students to demonstrate what they know and can do

  • Assessment clarifies student understanding of concepts and promotes deeper understanding

  • Assessment provides evidence that current understanding is a suitable basis for future learning.”

Let us always remember the ‘light’ we are and can be to others and appreciate the ‘light’ others are to us.

Thank you all again for everything you give to our community every day!

With sunshine,

Lisa Samojlowicz