Mission Team at work again!

Father's Day Liturgy

We warmly welcomed members of the OLN community to our Father's Day Liturgy today in the Church. It was a beautiful liturgy led by the staff and students gathered to pray and thank God for our fathers and significant men in our lives. Thank you to all those who were able to come and celebrate with us and spend some time in the classrooms.

Mission Team Disco

Our awesome Mission Team invite the entire student body to a Disco! The theme is "True Colours" and they want everyone to wear their favourite colour or colours in mufti clothes instead of their school uniform. The Mission Team are busy organising a set list and games for lots and lots of fun.

The disco will be held in the School Hall during the day on Thursday 7th September at the following times:

K & Stage 1 - 11.30am -12.15

Stage 2: 12.30 -1.20pm

Stage 3: 2.10pm - 2.50pm

We know that everyone will be wanting to enter into the spirit of this free event.

Alan Wedesweiler

Acting Religious Education Coordinator.

true colours.jpeg