Waking up to the sound of elephants


Our Lady of Nativity has the best learning-focused excursions ever with the recent Zoo Snooze camp a spectacular success.

Students slept overnight at Taronga Zoo and woke up to the sound of elephants. They wandered the zoo looking at exotic wildlife up close and personal and learnt more about the animal kingdom.

Taronga Zoo offers the sleeping bag camping deals for schools that allows youngsters to witness a spectacular sunset and sunrise over Sydney Harbour.

Principal Lisa Samojlowicz said a major reason for the zoo camp’s success was the beautiful teachers that sacrificed family time to accompany our fantastic students to the zoo.

“Mrs Brown did an absolutely stunning job in organising the camp in every way and due to this, we were able to walk around the zoo enjoying the sights, sounds and getting to know our students in a different light. AMAZING!

“This is one of the many reasons I love my job so much - working with amazing people who are energised and enthused by working and relating to those students we care for on a deeper level than just Maths and English, but for ensuring the growth and development of the whole child!”