Parent Involvement

At Our Lady of the Nativity Primary, we place great emphasis on establishing a partnership between home and school.

Parents are actively encouraged to assist wherever possible and make significant contributions in terms of classroom support, working bees, open days, and orientation programs.

Parents immerse themselves fully in the life of the school by assisting in:

  • classrooms
  • the library
  • sports carnivals
  • coaching and managing sports teams
  • uniform shop
  • working bees
  • fundraising
  • the School Council

School Council

The most significant way the parent body at Our Lady of the Nativity School supports the partnership between home and school is through the School Council. Membership of the School Council is comprised of staff, parents and clergy, who work together on school improvement.

The School Council is supported by a number of committees and is beginning to make important contributions to school life.

All parents are encouraged to attend meetings of the School Council.

Care Group

A significant number of parents also contribute to the community through the Care Group and the many outreach programs that have been established.

Our motto Is ‘Christ Has No Body Now On Earth But Yours.

Our Care Group was established in 2002, to be available to offer support to any members of the school / parish. We now have about 87 members and a number of sub groups.

  • Our Toddlers Group runs on Mondays 9 – 11am. Children do activities and have fun while parents/carers have a chance to chat over a coffee.
  • Our Meal Group cooks and delivers meals for families when they are “stretched.”
  • Family Support offers practical support to families, when needed.
  • Our Blokes Group help around homes and yards in times of crisis.
  • Our Visiting Group outreaches to Nursing Homes, helps with weekly Stage 3 visits to Bodington Aged Care and visits people in their homes.
  • We offer catering after funerals when families need a hand.

We meet as a group about 8 times a year to plan and evaluate. We also host many social activities, have opportunities for spiritual reflection and development, have craft activities, and personal development opportunities e.g. Seasons for Growth. These are available for anyone in the school / parish / community.

Contact us today to register your interest in getting involved at the school