Uniform & Grooming

A limited amount of donated secondhand uniform items are available free of charge to families in need, from Clothing Pool.

Make up and nail polish are not to be worn to school. Due to safety issues, jewellery other than a watch, is not permitted. Our Lady of the Nativity School has a strict policy of no face or body piercings other than the earlobes, and the only acceptable earrings are studs.

A large amount of expensive clothing is lost each year. Please label clearly all clothing, bags and articles that your child brings to school. Lost property is kept for a term. Items not collected after a term are donated to the Clothing Pool.

Children are asked to bring either a painting shirt or smock to school, to protect school uniforms while doing painting or craft activities. Sometimes paint can penetrate the painting shirt. Usually cold water and plain soap is best for removing school paint. Pre-wash and stain removing products are not recommended.

Wearing the correct school uniform in a neat and tidy way shows pride in ourselves and in our school. All children at OLN are required to wear the correct uniform at all times. Skivvys, odd jumpers and trousers, incorrect shoes and hats are not acceptable. Any child who is not wearing the correct school uniform will be required to give their class teacher a note explaining the circumstances for not wearing the correct uniform on that day. All students are required to wear BLACK shoes with their school uniform and predominantly white sports shoes with their sports uniform.

School Uniform Purchases

All uniform items are available online from:

The School Locker


The School Locker Superstore
The Grove Homemaker Centre

2-18 Orange Grove Road

Liverpool NSW 

Mon - Wed & Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm

Thu  9am 7pm
Sat & Sun  10.00am - 4pm