Ozobot Coding!

Dear Parents,


We have been furthering our coding skills in ES1 St1 and Stage 2.

The Infants have been coding ozobots using the Code Reference Chart , where they have had to write various speeds in code for ozobot races.

Stage 1 had to include a code for turns for ozobot as well as fast speed.  Euan showed great accuracy and critical thinking in devising a ‘fast race’ for ozobot with a u turn. Congratulations on writing your algorithm Euan!


Stage 2 Maths /Coding & Robotics

We are currently working on 3 Rich Tasks inspired by the Winter Olympics. Students in groups are furthering their knowledge of shapes by coding sphero and ozobot robots. Our ‘Learning Hook’ to introduce the theme and motivate the students was a new Olympic sport – ‘Sphero Snow Soccer.’

Spheroes are blue toothed sphere robots. We had Australia v Canada. It was a tie even after extra time.


Our Rich Tasks are-


1.Design a 1 on 1 Sphero Snow Soccer Game.  This is a catch the shape of the oval must not be a rectangle, circle , square or triangle. Students need to explore all 2D shapes by research, Trial & Test, draw prototypes with correct angles, scale to correct size and compete.

2. Using the ozobot app ozogroove  code a celebratory dance for ozobot decomposing 2D geometric shapes to add to the atmosphere of next year’s Winter Olympics.

3. Design a spectacular light show by coding a routine of 2D shapes of various coded speeds for 6 ozobots to perform in unison at next year’s Winter Olympics.

We have had a lot of fun integrating coding & robots into maths!


Happy coding,

Maree Crawford Teacher Librarian