Book Week & Tech Girls

Technovation Here We Come!

Our Yr5 Tech Girl Superheroes were given the title National Regional Winners at the Showcase at Accenture recently.

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen  founder of the Tech Girls Are Superheroes Competition  in Australia has invited the team to submit their app for entry for the global competition which is called Technovation. Successful applicants are chosen to go to Silicon Valley and San Francisco to compete with teams from all over the world.

This years global winners for secondary schools were Kazakhstan and Hong Kong for primary.


Escape to Everywhere

We had had lots of fun with this year’s Book Week theme. We offered two great escapes for students during lunchtimes.

Stage 2 & 3 students escaped to the movies.They were given LUX tickets with complimentary popcorn and sparkling drink and could relax in luxurious leather seats to watch old fashioned cartoons.

Stage 1  escaped under a cow which was so exciting! They played games under Lally the cow and drew pictures to finish up with  - you guessed it a strawberry milkshake!

Oh such fun for everyone!!

Have a lovely holiday everyone!

Where will you escape to? Maree Crawford

Teacher Librarian