2017 Term 4 Week 2 Library News - Reading Gives You Superpowers!

Reading Gives You Superpowers

We began our first week of lessons exploring this theme motivated by the recent Captain Underpants movie clip. Many young students chose to borrow a Captain Underpants book. These books are probably aimed towards Yr2 and older readers because of their degree of difficulty but for younger readers they are then are a ‘read to’ or ‘read together’ book where parents and children can enjoy the pictures and humour together.

The last thing we want to do is stifle the enthusiasm of young readers but to develop a lifelong enjoyment of reading and books.

At the start of this term we are looking at ‘spooky stories’ ie the horror genre as it is part of our collection. Students are encouraged to read many genres throughout the year. With our commission from our book fair we selected some books from the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series to go with this theme. These graphic novels like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and Captain Underpants are fun to read and very popular with young readers.

Book Covering -  Please help!

I am asking parents to see me if they are able to cover new books. They are ready now and I am keen for the students to borrow them. There are only about 25 so if a few parents take some it will be a small job for each.

Thankyou so much for all your previous generosity.

Overdue Books

Last term I sent out overdue book notes with costs for books outstanding. Not all accounts have been settled. Could you please see me about reimbursement of lost books. Students this term will read library books but will be unable to borrow until everything has been settled. Also if students are going to high school overdue books remain on the database until settled. They are assets of the school and like any business we cannot sustain continuous losses.

What superpower has reading given you? Tell your child to share back at school.

Happy Reading

Maree Crawford Teacher Librarian