Plenty of Library News...

Every year in the first week of December OLN participates in the global Hour of Code. This is to encourage students in computer science and coding. As you know from previous years we have been coding in Information Literacy & Guided Inquiry (Library) lessons.

We began coding apps 2 years ago and entered the Tech Girls Are Superheroes global competition to encourage girls in a career in STEM. This year the two teams had female mentors from Accenture. This company supports the Hour of Code.

Accenture Nominates OLN Lawson

We have been nominated for a team to come out from Accenture to run the Hour of Code for OLN in 2017. What an exciting opportunity for the school! Chris and Jodie (Tech Girl’s mentor) will come out and run a session for Stage 2 & 3 students in their usual Information Literacy lesson. K and Stage 1 will code in their lesson that week.

New OLN elibrary Interface

Elibrary - a wonderful resource for teachers and students . Students and teachers can log into classm8 and access the amazing educational resources.Ask your child to show you. It is a one stop shop.

Elibrary Competition

‘Students, access OLN elibrary and come Monday morning to tell Mrs Crawford what is new on the slides. The first 3 will win a prize.’ Anyone who acts on the slide and brings their ……. ? will also be a winner.’

Book Covering Competition

We have about 20 new books waiting to be covered. Every parent who is able to come and cover wins a prize. Thankyou to all our winners so far, but we urgently need more helpers


Happy Coding

Maree Crawford Teacher Librarian